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SHINE BRIGHT™ | Shine Activating & Tone Improving Cream – 2ml


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The daily effects of sunlight, stress and pollution can leave your skin dry, dull and discolored. Go on the counter-attack with SHINE BRIGHT™ which enhances the radiance of the skin, fights the visible signs of (photo)aging and feeds it with antioxidants.

This innovative light peach colored cream, brightens skin instantly and delivers a refreshing burst of 24-hour hydration. It acts on blemishes and dark spots, restoring the skin’s youthful glow – but it’s not limited to them. SHINE BRIGHT™ even improves makeup application, creating a smooth, hydrated base for foundation.

Advanced Formula With Targeted Active Ingredients

STABILIZED VITAMIN C / immediate action, high bioavailability and easy absorption. It maintains its properties unchanged for a long time, improving skin tone and stimulating cell regeneration.

NIACINAMIDE / also known as Vitamin B3 erases signs of aging and fine lines, brightens the skin and relieves redness. It is a super hero ingredient as it visibly contributes to the youthful appearance of the skin.

GENOWHITE™ PEPTIDE/ powerful fast-acting whitening peptide. It has clinically proven results in improving skin radiance and overall pigmentation in just 14 days of use.

Ideal for: dull photoaged, blemished and discolored skin.
Results: the skin looks more youthful, radiant and revitalized with an even color tone.

95% Natural Igredients
Phenoxyethanol Free
Parabens | Silicons | Paraffins Free

*Dermatologically tested composition
*Suitable for all skin types with a light texture

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SHINE BRIGHT™ | Shine Activating & Tone Improving Cream – 2ml



In stock