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COVID-19 Notice:

We are all going through a rough time at the moment and we do our best to keep our business alive. We work around the clock to ensure you will receive your order in a timely manner. Shipping times in general are still pretty unpredictable.

We hope you understand that in these days delays can occur on some orders due to the difficult times in this pandemic. Please DO NOT order if you can’t wait a few more days. We appreciate your understanding! 

USUAL Shipping and Handling Timeline: 

Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time

Processing Time: 1-2 Business Days 

for Customized Packaging Products as it is especially created just for you.

Shipping Times UPS Express:


5-6 Business Days


2-6 Business Days


5-6 Business Days


2-3 Business Days


6-7 Business Days


DHL Shipping Fee is NON REFUNDABLE – If they cannot deliver due to address mistake, please make sure your address is entered correctly  

-> Please only order if you accept these waiting times 

COVID Delays will occur in heavily affected countries, especially with lockdowns

Please note: The given Delivery times are estimates based on recent delivery times and shall not be seen as guaranteed. We do our best to ensure that the shipping process goes as smoothly as possible, but in case of late delivery, we hope for your understanding as we are highly dependent on the international shipping carriers.

Unfortunately, we are not responsible for the delays and we can’t change any Government regulations / restrictions in any given Country that causes the delays – We appreciate your understanding in this ongoing Crisis 

> NO REFUNDS for delays in order 


Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide 


What are the shipping and handling costs?

We generally try to absorb shipping costs for you.

In any case, we have set the shopping cart on our website with the weight of your order. Shipping costs are adjusted according to weight.

For example, for orders up to 1.5kg the shipping costs are €20.

However, when the weight of the order increases to 3 kg (for example), the shipping costs will increase accordingly.


When will I receive my tracking Information?

After you made your order we will process everything and get your package shipped ASAP. (1-2 Business Days) Once your order is on the way to you, you will receive an Email with the Tracking Information 


Are there any Custom Duties / extra Fees? 

Usually with our packages there are no extra costs involved for most of the countries we ship to, but that’s different to every country. For any extra fees that will occur you as a customer are responsible yourself. 


Wrong Products/Broken Package

When you receive your order and there is a mistake with the products you ordered or there is a damaged product due to courier transfer you can contact us immediately.

We usually handle it with the following ways and with priority our customer to feel that it is fair to him—> refund, sending new order, other kind of compromise with the customer. Either way our philosophy is to make our customer feel happy and safe when ordering our products. We always try to build the best relationships with our customers.

Therefore it can happen, in some cases (~0.5% of orders)

We appreciate your understanding


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