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MIX & MATCH / 10 Masks Collection


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Mix And Match

Make the combinations you want and creat a mask according to the needs of your skin.

We suggest combining up to 5 different clays to creat a powerful mask!

Tips for combinations:

Combination Tips:

1. Oily Skin  –> Green, White, Volcanus, Bentonite, Yellow, Red.

2. Acne-prone Skin –> Green, Cedrus, White, Volcanus, Rhassoul, Red.

3. Blemishes –> Yellow, Rosa, Volcanus, Pink, Cedrus, Green.

4. Antiaging – Regeneration –>Pink, Green, Cedrus, Volcanus, Bentonite, Yellow.

Mixing tips:

To create a single-use mask, keep in mind that you will need a total of two teaspoons of clay and about half to a teaspoon of water (flower water or  natural oil), mixing continuously until a good paste is made.

Usage tips:

Leave on the face for 5 to 10 minutes at most.

Remove with plenty of water or facial cleanser. For easier removal of the mask, we recommend the Natural Cleansing Gel for Face & Eyes.

external use only.

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MIX & MATCH / 10 Masks Collection Bee Factor Natural Cosmetics
MIX & MATCH / 10 Masks Collection



In stock