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Anti-Cellulite Oil – 100ml

(76 customer reviews)


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Multivalent anti-cellulite oil which activates the lipolysis mechanism, reduces cellulite and orange peel skin appearance and achieves binding of skin tissue. At the same time, it hydrates and simulates the skin. Thus, the skin restores its firmness and uniformity.

Lipolysis and Microcirculation Activation – Control of Local Fat and Cellulite  – Detoxification and hydration.

Oil with 100% natural origin ingredients that increase microcirculation and helps against local fat and cellulite with only a few minutes massage every day.

The active mixture of essential oils from Cinnamon , Rosemary, Black Pepper, Chili creates hyperaemia resulting in the burning of local fat.

Usage:  Apply daily to the body, on a clean skin, massaging for a few minutes from the bottom to the top. Stick to the problem areas. Rinse hands thoroughly after use  /  external use only.

Ingredients: Ivy Oil, Algae Extract, Avocado Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Grape Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Oil Rosemary, Essential Oil Black Pepper, Essential Chili Oil, Vitamin E.

Anti-Cellulite Oil – 100ml

Bee Factor Natural Cosmetics

The therapeutic and beneficial properties of its ingredients

Ivy Oil :  Ivy oil has multiple benefits, its main active ingredients are saffonines such as Hederacoside C, which is responsible for the vasoconstrictor and antibacterial properties of the plant, caffeic acid providing anti-inflammatory and slimming properties, saponoids, fight cellulite and deliver detoxifying benefits.

 Ivy oil is known to increase microcirculation, thereby reducing cellulite and symptoms of tired feet.

Algae extract: Extract obtained by extraction of seaweed. It is rich in ingredients such as sulfur polysaccharide fucoidan , which has the ability to inhibit lipogenesis, enhance slimming and improve the appearance of orange peel skin.

It effectively enhances the elasticity of the skin and confers moist properties, thanks to the amino acids and polysaccharides it contains. In addition, being rich in vitamins and salts, it offers stimulating, firming and refreshing benefits to the skin. Finally, it has a strong antibacterial activity which benefits in the care of the skin with a tendency to inflammation and irritation.

Avocado oil: It consists of fatty acids (Palmitic, Oleic, Linoleic acid), Vitamins (A, D & E), and it is highly compatible with the hydrolipid membrane of the skin. It therefore offers regenerative properties. In addition to its moisture, nutritious and soft effects, it effectively prevents loss of moisture and thus maintains the correct functioning of the epidermal barrier.

Avocado oil reinforces collagen production by leading to more firm skin with increased elasticity. It also confers an antioxidant effect and acts against the free roots.

Hazelnut oil: Hazelnut oil consists of unsaturated fatty acids with approximately 70% oleic acid Omega-9 and 18% linoleic acid Omega-6. It also contains unsaponifiable material consisting of beta-sitosterol (which confers anti-inflammatory properties) and tocopherol (vitamin E) which provides a high antioxidant effect.

Hazelnut oil provides nutritional and moisturizing benefits to the skin. It restores the functioning of the lipid barrier and reduces the epidermal loss of humidity. Because of its tannin content, the oil provides astringent and tonic properties. Particularly suitable for mature and dry skins, it increases the elasticity of the skin and the production of collagen, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and thin lines.

Grape oil: Grape Oil is a rich source of linoleic acid  omega-6, which offers key benefits to the skin. In fact, it plays an important role in the hydration, repair of the lipid barrier, skin glow and healing of wounds.

Extremely nutritious, it also contains Omega-9 oleic acid, palmitic and stearic acid which alleviate skin conditions such as dryness, eczema, psoriasis and inflammation. Thanks to its phytosterols (mainly beta-sitosterol) and carotenoids, grape oil provides anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Enhances tissue regeneration and improves humidity retention.

Cinnamon Oil: It consists of vitamins, minerals, flavoids, antioxidants and phenolic compounds. It contributes to the effective slowdown of aging processes, it provides stimulating properties, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity. It improves blood circulation, and it reduces cellulite.

Oil Rosemary: It enhances the nervous system and stimulates circulatory (cellulite), is rich in phenolic terpenes (carnosol, carnosic acid, urosolic acid), polyphenols (rosemarinic acid), and flavoids (apigenin, luteoline) which offer beneficial, stimulating and antioxidant benefits to the skin.

The extract of rosemary neutralizes the free roots, prevents early aging, enhances collagen production and stimulates the rejuvenation of the skin.

Black Pepper Oil: It stimulates the endocrine, immune and circulatory system, enhances metabolism, stimulates weight loss, enhances microcirculation and provides heating properties by treating cellulite.

Chili Oil: Extremely rich in vitamin C as well as in capsaicin, which is the main component of red pepper. Capsaicin is responsible for the plant’s heating properties and its medicinal qualities.

It enhances metabolism and the immune system, detoxifies, cleans up, increases sweating thanks to its heating properties, and stimulates blood circulation. It enhances weight loss, it fights cellulite and fluid retention. It also relieves pain, muscle intensity, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a liposoluble vitamin with antioxidant properties. It protects cells from free roots and can prevent premature aging of the skin caused by UV radiation. Its soft benefits help to strengthen the epidermal barrier, protecting the lipid balance and reducing transepidermal water loss.

Among other things, it provides an antioxidant, anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory effect and helps to maintain vegetable oils and fats well by preventing premature oxidation.

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Bee Factor Natural Cosmetics


Apply daily to the body, on a clean skin, massaging for a few minutes from the bottom to the top.

Stick to the problem areas.

Rinse hands thoroughly after use/external use only.


Ivy Oil, Algae Extract, Avocado Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Grape Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Oil Rosemary, Essential Oil Black Pepper, Essential Chili Oil, Vitamin E.

76 reviews for Anti-Cellulite Oil – 100ml

  1. Irene

    I have no words for this product! I only use it for a few weeks and I have seen a big difference in the affected areas! Really wonderful! I also enjoy the smell of it!

  2. Joanna

    It is a very good product. I have used different products against cellulite from time to time but this is the first time I have results. I have been using it for about 1 month and the difference is really visible

  3. Irene Papageorgiou

    I bought it from your store and I trusted in it from thefirst time, because I saw that it is made only by herbal ingredients! And for me this matters a lot! I have seen a difference in the affected areas! Thanks!

  4. Stefania

    Someone brought the oil to me as a gift along with a soap from the same company, I liked their smell and I started using them immediately and I can say that I have had results. I will buy it again.

  5. Sofia

    Although my weight is normal I had a lot of issues with cellulite! I bought it because I trusted the words of a friend! After constand and regular use I had results!

  6. Dimitra

    I find it to be excellent compared to other similar products. I would buy it again.

  7. Jenny

    Its smell is pleasant and the application process is a beautiful routine. Quite effective from the first uses.

  8. Stavroula

    I bought it as a gift for my daughter and she really loved it.

  9. Agoritsa

    My weight was always at a normal level but the problem of cellulite was always there I confided in the lady at the store who told me about the product and I saw a big change

  10. Natasa

    I use it on a daily basis and I have noticed an improvement on the affected areas. Well done

  11. Margaret

    I bought it at a great sales price! I really liked it and I will prefer it again!

  12. Mirsini Tegou

    Very nice packaging, smell and texture on the skin. Although I do not have a big problem, it has helped me a lot.

  13. Athan. Tsel.

    I noticed results. The price is ok. Well done. Thank you for the gift!

  14. Mary

    Effective product. Practical packaging

  15. Jojo Ts.

    Pleasant smell! It has results and worths its money! I will purchase it again.

  16. Anastasia

    It offers rich hydration and the massage is very easy. When I combined it with the thermoactive slimming oil it had excellent results.

  17. Tzeni

    I had results after regular use. Well done!

  18. Euthimia

    It has a strong composition, I would say. It is the proof that we can have very nice results by using only natural ingredients

  19. Matina

    A friend recommended this product to me and I bought it. Amazing!

  20. Stefania

    Nice product, very good price in accordance to its quality!

  21. Rena Pr.

    I have tried many products for cellulite from time to time. I have concluded to this and I do not intent to change it

  22. Rania

    The oil is very good. I use it along with the slimming oil of the series and it has helped me a lot! Very good price.

  23. Vicky

    It has results. I will not replace it!

  24. Lisa Kat.

    I prefer it to other products on the market because it is made of natural ingredients and is more effective than a few others I have tried

  25. Mina

    I have been using it for a long time and I have seen reduction in cellulite. I also like the smell, especially the evening use relaxes me.

  26. Sotiria Mp.

    Very nice oil. It works. And it is very economical compared to other brands. Well done

  27. Mairy

    I bought it because it is made of natural oils. When I tried it I liked its smell and from the first use the skin looked firmer.

  28. Billy Obanner

    Lovely just what I was looking for , great price !

  29. Mary

    One of the best oils I have ever tried. I also got one as a gift for my best friend since I, first, had seen the difference on my body ..
    It will definitely be the first choice again in my next order…

    • SALES MANAGER (store manager)

      Dear Mrs. Mary,

      Thank you very much for your positive comment! It gives us strength to become better!!!

      Best regards,

  30. Χαρουλα 123

    If you want you can try it but if the package does not get bigger it is not in my interest to buy it again, to use it all over the body. I had results especially in the belly that I have the greatest issue but I did not have enough for my legs, arms, buttocks and belly.

  31. Eliza

    I use it on the belly. I have been following the treatment for a month and I have had results.

  32. Vasia Thanou

    I had results on the arms where I apply it. I would prefer a bigger package.

  33. Athina

    I had results! Very affordable compared to other cellulite products on the market

  34. Besy

    I had results on the arms where I apply it. I would like the package to be bigger.

  35. Julia

    I do not know about other parts of the body but I am very happy with the result on the buttocks I where I apply it

  36. Mania Pap.

    Very affordable. After a month there is an obvious difference on the thighs and arms.

  37. My_Thalia

    An affordable product that really works. Before I tried it, I did not believe in such products. For me, that I do not have a big problem, it works with regular use.

  38. Zoe Siahouli

    It takes a few minutes to be absorbed but it hydrates the skin and since I have started using its texture has changed.

  39. Koni

    The saleswoman suggested it to me along with the massage soap that is against cellulite. They had a great result on my arms and legs…. !!!!

  40. Soula

    It has not been a long time since I bought it but because I like its texture I use it often and systematically… I can say that it is good

  41. Christine

    Pretty good oil !! Leaves the skin soft and hydrated which improves both the appearance of the skin and cellulite. I have been applying it for a month now and I have seen a great difference. However the days when I do not use it my skin is not so smooth. I believe that it improves the feeling of the skin and cellulite superficially and radically.

  42. Eleutheria

    It does exactly what it promises. I have a big issue, but still I had noticeable improvement. Value for money. Along with a diet and exercise it has even better results!

  43. Peni

    Well since I have tried the whole series…. Yes they do work and you see a difference and results relatively quickly (within 20 days of treatment morning and night). Now I put the firming oil in the morning because it is not greasy and it smells nice (I can immediately put my clothes on) and in the evening I put the cellulite oil which is the most hardcore as it concerns smell and greasiness (but you feel it works). I will continue the treatment like this and I will return with a new review.

  44. 47-anthinoula

    The best I have ever tried, ladies, and I have tried a lot. You are definitely not wasting your money!!!!!

  45. Toni_Mar

    I have been using it for 3 weeks and I have already noticed m cellulite redusing. I am very satisfied, I didn’t trust such products, but eventually I had to change my mind.

  46. Voula

    Well, I’ve never used it solely, I always combine it with the slimming oil, but I have to say that I’ve gone crazy. It has an awesome effect on the skin!

  47. Honny Zeta

    Pleasant smell. It absorbs faster than other oils of the same category .. I would prefer a larger quantity and plastic packaging because it slipped from my hands at some point and I was afraid it would break.

  48. Lila Dourou

    Well ladies definitely buy it, changed the way my skin looks quite a lot. Very affordable, I purchased a second bottle as well..

  49. Mar_2_mar

    Even though I bought it several times, I did not much like its packaging! The commend is made with extra love ❤️

  50. Athanasia Melti

    Very good! I put it on every day and I have seen the difference! I think it has a very nice composition!

  51. Ry_zou 459

    It has become more necessary to me than my sunscreen! I take great care of my body in general but I avoid chemicals! For the first time I tried something natural and so drastic. Make a bigger package ❤️

  52. Demy

    I believe that in addition to the effect it has against cellulite, it also moisturizes the skin excessively ………… Very good!


    The cousin who lives in Trikala, Greece (where the company is placed) told me the best and bought it from their store so I didn’t lose any time and ordered it from their website. It was on my door in only one day! I have been wearing it for three weeks now and my skin has completely changed, it is extremely hydrated and the cellulite has been significantly reduced!

  54. Asi_5g

    I would like it in a bigger package and not glass, it smells nice

  55. Nefeli

    I started using it a month ago, in addition to a few minutes of daily walking and result is totally visible. Well done, it is a very good product!!!

  56. Areti

    I have a big problem with cellulite and I have really tried many products, but I had not seen any results. This oil is worth the money. Before I even finished using my first bottle, I ordered the next one. I highly recommend it.

  57. Alexandra

    Both the texture and hydration as well as the result are awesome !!

  58. Nikol

    I have only started using your oil for a month now and I have already seen a lot of improvement. While I have tried similar products from different companies, I was not happy, but your oil really does what it promises !!

  59. Panagiota

    I only use it for 10 days and I can already feel the difference! I can’t wait to see the result I so much desire! I combined it with the slimming oil!

  60. HELEN

    Excellent product!! There is a significant difference on the skin!

  61. Paulina

    I would not change it for anything else .. I have tried many similar products of other companies and I did not see any difference .. This one was suggested to me by a friend and I have been using it regularly for two months .. I am excited with the result .. I recommend it to everyone unreservedly.

  62. Evi

    Wonderful !!!! Really !!! And this smell ……. Full of optimism !!! Thank you for the gift !!!

    • SALES MANAGER (store manager)

      Dear Ms Evi,
      Thank you dearly for your preferance and love towards our products.
      We are excessively happy that, through our product, we managed to give you a hint of joy and optimism.
      We remain at your service.

  63. Marialena

    Incredible oil !!! Its texture is so smooth and does not leave any greasy effect!!! I have been using it for a month and I saw great difference!!!

  64. Nickol

    Excellent product!! I’m using it for a few weeks and I am satisfied !!!Totally worth it, girls !!!

  65. Konstantina

    I really like all of your products !! I did not expect of this particular oil to give me such a good result, and yet it does what it promises .. well done !!!

  66. Paraskevi

    Immediate results and quite affordable, definitely worths 5 stars

  67. Lydia

    This product of yours has saved me! I had a very big problem with cellulite and now I see myself in the mirror and I am very happy .. So effective !!! Of course I use it every day for several months and I combine it with a healthy diet and minimal exercise. The results are visible ..

  68. Kathrin

    It is the number one product and I strongly recommend it to every woman, personally I had results within the first month of use and I am very satisfied !!! ❤️

  69. Christine

    I have loved this product !!! I have had it for a few weeks and I have seen an incredible change !!!

  70. Alexandra

    I have loved this little oil !! Excellent results !! I recommend you all try it !!

  71. Evi

    The first time I bought it without knowing the product..I went crazy with its incredible smell..I got it a second time..for its excellent results..I will get it a third time..and fourth… I will probably never change it is amazing..and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gifts, but most of all for the card with the beautiful are really special..❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I added a few more hearts because 5 are not enough!

    • ninakost (store manager)

      Dear Ms Evi,
      Thank you dearly for your positive review.
      We are excessively happy that our product managed to live up to your expectations.

  72. Dora

    I would like to ask you if it spreads easily on the skin because it is only 100ml. In case it does not spread easily, it means that I should put a large quantity.
    Thank you very much.
    Although I have not tried it, I had to add stars to the rating to publish the question. I put 3, because yes it has good reviews but as I wrote, I have not tried it yet.

    • ninakost (store manager)

      Dear Ms Dora,
      Thank you dearly for your positive desposition towards our company and products.
      The Anti-Cellulite Oil sreads with ease evenly on the skin,
      without demanding you using a great amount of the product.
      For vast results in your fight against cellulite and sudcutaneous fat,
      we recommend you cambine it with the Thermoactive Slimming Oil.
      Furthermore, you can click on the “OFFERS” sector of our website and find the two oil
      on an increadible sale.
      We are looking forward to read your review after using our products!
      We are at your service for any question or clarification.

  73. MARY

    I’m excited with its scent, it smells incredible!! Very good service, thanks for the gift as well! I will surely try more of your products!

    • ninakost (store manager)

      Dear Ms Mary,
      Thank you dearly for your positive review.
      We are excessively happy that our product managed to live up to your expectations.

  74. An.a

    Nice scent
    It does not soil the clothes
    Immediate results
    I suggest it!!

    • Aliki Makri (store manager)

      Dear Ms Anna,
      Thank you dearly for your positive review.
      We are excessively happy that our product managed to live up to your expectations.

  75. Tatiana

    I have been using it for quite some time. It is very effective and with a pleasant texture.

  76. CHRISTINA T. (verified owner)

    grAttica, Greece

    Ωραιο άρωμα , αφήνει ελαφριά αίσθηση καυσου στην περιοχή που αλοιφεται

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Anti-Cellulite Oil – 100ml



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