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Rosa Clay – 10pcs/10gr


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Natural Rosa Clay (pink natural clay from the Mediterranean) provides soothing properties to the skin. Thanks to the consisting combination of trace elements , Rosa clay reduces skin irritation, while offering relaxing and calming properties. Therefore, it is highly recommended for anti-stress therapies.

Extremely rich in sodium and potassium, Rosa clay is extremely mild and easy to use. Compared to other clays, it restores the natural lipid barrier and does not irritate sensitive skin.

Gives mild cleansing and exfoliating properties.

How to use: Empty the content of the sachet into a bowl and gradually add a small amount of liquid (water – flower water) or natural oil, stirring constantly until it becomes a good paste.

Leave on face for 5-10 minutes.

Remove with plenty of water.

external use

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Κουτί Αργίλων 10τμχ/10gr - Bee Factor Natural Cosmetics
Rosa Clay – 10pcs/10gr



In stock

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